Monday, August 12, 2013

Bodies and Titanic

Over the weekend I went to check out the newly opened Bodies The Exhibition and the Titanic Experience located in Buena Park where the old Movieland Wax Museum use to be, just right across the street from Medieval Times.  

I came mainly for the Bodies exhibit because I've been wanting to go to the Vegas exhibit for a long time now but somehow I keep forgetting to go when I am actually in Vegas.

Just as I suspected, the exhibit was fascinating. I was both intrigued and a little bit mortified to be that close to such well preserved real human bodies. All the bodies came from China so they are all Chinese. You can basically see everything from muscle fibers, to bones, to the inside of the human body. The bodies are posed in different ways and each show something different. There were also individual display cases focusing on almost every single organ, vein and even nerves. They also showed what diseased body parts looked like as compared to normal body parts. There was also one body that displayed replacement parts, such as hip, knee and shoulder replacements.


The exhibit is divided into different rooms that concentrate on different body parts, such as the heart, lungs, bowel, etc.


As I said, you can basically see the human body in every which way, including sliced in half, sectioned or a combination of both. It is an amazing exhibit to learn and see how the human body works. I've always known that the body is very complex but to see it broken down to very small details was beyond interesting.


And just because we were already there and because I loved the movie, we decided to go check out the Titanic exhibit as well.

So I enjoyed this exhibit because I've always been fascinated by the Titanic. So if this sounds like you, then you'll probably enjoy this. There is a lot of information inside the exhibit on the ship, the sinking and the people. There are also items on display of stuff that they've managed to salvage from the site. This exhibit reminded me a bit of the exhibit at the Museum of Tolerance.

Bodies The Exhibition & Titanic The Experience
7711 Beach Blvd.
Buena Park, CA 90620
Box Office: 657-529-7224

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Jennifer K. said...

I was thinking about going over there. I've already seen the Bodies exhibit in Vegas. I can't imagine it's much different. It is pretty cool, though.
The Titanic thing is just weird to me. I went several years ago to see one of their exhibitions and it was basically just stuff they'd pulled up off of the ocean floor. Eyeglasses and shoes and things like that. It's not like we don't know how people lived at the turn of the century, so I really didn't get why anyone would drag that stuff up or why people would want to see it.