Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Newbury Street

Newbury Street was one of the first places I visited when I got into Boston. Having not slept coming off a redeye flight from the west coast, my sister and I decided to explore the city in lieu of sleeping. I was too excited to sleep anyways. We started out walking down Boylston towards the Boston Commons and eventually ended up on Newbury Street. Newbury Street runs parallel to Boylston to the North.

As I walk down the streets of Boston, I notice that there are quite a few churches and they are all magificant works of architectual design. Not as old as anything you would find in Europe but it has so much more character than anything you would find in Orange County where I live. It is one of the elements that makes this city so charming as I mentioned before.

Another thing this town is not lacking are cupcake shops. There are a couple on this street alone. We stopped into Georgetown Cupcake because what vacation would be complete without cupcakes? They had a large variety of cupcakes and their display case was very visually appealing. I only had one so I feel ill-equipped to make a definitive statement about the store as a whole but the vanilla birthday cake flavor that I did try was very moist.

Not sure why I'm sharing this photo except for the fact that I thought that it was so neat that Sabra hummus was out on the street passing out free samples of pita chips and hummus.

This city is just so welcoming to runners during race weekend. They really know how to make you feel special.

Need some retail therapy? This street does not disappoint. High-end, boutique and chain stores line almost every inch of this street.

This chocolate shop was pretty amazing! I didn't take any photos inside because I wasn't sure if it was allowed but trust me I saw some stuff that I should have taken home with me.

We came upon a roasted nut cart and of course we had to buy some...

...I mean just look at this deliciousness! They have these carts on almost every street corner in New York City but this was the first one I saw in Boston. My sister took this photo. Thanks Sister K!

The clothing store on the top floor in this photo has everything I wish I already owned in my closet.

I love this outfit!

Another cupcake shop that we went into but did not try.

Everything checks out though. Maybe next time!

Johnny Cupcakes is NOT a cupcake shop. They sell clothing! @_@ Don't mess with me like that.

I don't eat a lot of candy but I love candy stores! This one was jam packed with candy. Of all the things in the shop, the thing that fascinated me was a large slinky? Which was not even made of candy! Clearly my priorities are messed up.

I don't even know what this store sells but I love the name! I know for a fact that if I lived nearby that I would be hanging out on this street all.the.time!

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