Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hot May Days

This past weekend was Mother's Day. As if you could not tell from all the postings of mommy and me photos and/or brunch with mom photos via your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

We celebrated at home. Mom and dad invited the whole family over for Sunday dinner. They cooked an amazing meal! Yes, my mom cooked on Mother's Day, she just likes doing her "mom" thing.

We also celebrated my youngest sister's 16th Birthday!

Yesterday, I had dinner with Heather and Julie (virtually concocted Ragnar van-mates turned IRL friends). We chatted over pizza and salad. Obviously, it was an awesome evening!

If you live in SoCal and haven't noticed the heatwave, you must either have not stepped foot outside lately or desert temperature is your normal. It's even too hot for me and I tend to like hot weather and when I say that I like hot weather, I mean like 80 not 100. The heat just caught me by surprise seeing that it is only May. I had to suddenly switch my running schedule to the morning to avoid the heat.

After getting a "knarly" tan last week from a midday run, I decided to get my run in earlier today. It was still pretty warm out but I'm glad I got it done. I'm officially into my taper period so I'm just trying to get in some shorter miles at a faster pace. I feel a lot stronger than a month ago and definitely more so than when I ran LA. Mentally, I'm where I want to be and though I feel some anxieties about race day, I also feel excited and for the most part I'm confident in my training. I'm taking an unscheduled rest day tomorrow to do something fun!

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Boston Bound Brunette said...

The weather is horrible! I go to work really early so I cannot run in the morning :( Taper time for me too. Good luck at M2B. I am already feeling really nervous!