Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

We've been experiencing some hot days, especially in the SGV. Days so hot that all you feel like doing is seek out the nearest Paleteria. 

Peleteria is the Spanish word for Popsicle shop. These popsicles have real big chunks of fruit in them. They come in both plain and creamy. The selection is wide, varied, exotic and colorful. A refreshing treat on a hot day. La Reyna De Michoacan means the Queen of Michoacan (a state in Mexico). I see the name Michoacan often associated with Paleterias so I am assuming that paletas are popular in that region. I really should look more into that and perhaps I will soon.

Is there a better way to spend a hot summer day?

Okay, maybe you're not in the mood for a popsicle but how about a frozen chocolate covered banana covered with crushed pecans...

...or a Chamango! If you've not tried a Chamango...well you must. I can only describe it as an icy, salty and fruity delight. This particular shop also sold ice cream, elotes (corn with spices), tortas, bionicos, fresh fruit juices, candies and a whole lot of other stuff. A little bit of something for everyone.

There are many places to get paletas in LA and OC. On this particular day we went to a shop in El Monte very close to my old high school. Strangely, I never came here when I was in school but now you can't keep me away.

Paleteria Y Neveria
3560-P Santa Anita Ave
El Monte, CA 91731

We spent the rest of the afternoon doing some paper-crafting for an upcoming event! More on that later.


Pam said...

love, love chamango's!! soo good! :)

really, really looking forward to cooler temps! I love that you're so crafty!! :)

Glenn Jones said...

Ah! Tamarindo please! Brings back a lot of childhood memories (I grew up in a barrio).