Thursday, May 27, 2010

Running for Fun, CEP and English Muff

So in preparation for my promise of daily postings starting in about 2 weeks, I thought that I would post again today to get in the swing of things. I know, shocking! It helped that I actually got my butt out this morning to get in a 5-6 mile run. I am unsure of the exact distance because I just went out today to run for fun. I ran a route that I always run but went a bit further so not sure. To be conservative, I would say 5 miles. I am planning to run the same route again tomorrow so maybe I will take the Garmin along to see how far it really was. The run was hilly and lovely. The sky was overcast but not cold so it was a great run. I honestly love living in the OC.

So recently while reading some blogs, I came across SkinnyRunner's review of CEP All-Sports Compression Sleeves. She apparently wears these all the time and that girl can run fast but that's not why I ended up buying these. Although I wish I could run that fast just by wearing these sleeves. I reason I brought these sleeves was because I get some really bad shin splints and thought that these would help. I got them in the mail yesterday. Let me tell you that they have very fast shipping. They are pricy at $40 but the shipping is free. I got the pair in black and took them out for my run this morning. I still felt my shin splints coming on but all-in-all I really like the way these worked out. I felt like they really held my calve muscles together. Even though I haven't tried a whole lot of compression sleeves for legs, these are very good. I like them so much that I am even thinking about getting another pair in white. They are also really cute on. ;)

So after my run this morning, I was hot and did not feel like eating my usual oatmeal so I remembered that I had purchased these sprouted english muffins made by Food for Life from the local heath food store. I must say that for being a runner, I don't eat a lot of bread. I actually haven't had bread at my place for months now. I use to eat those sandwich thins or whole grain tortilla wraps which I would get by the truck load from Costco but eventually, I decided to just stop eating it. I haven't really missed it that much. I think the only time I eat bread now is when I go to restaurants and they bring out the bread basket. With my marathon coming up, I will probably be eating it the week of since bread is my carbo load fuel of choice. For me, bread or potato is far superior to pasta. I actually will eat some pasta 2 days before the big race and then bread the day before. This has worked for me and has taken me 9 marathons to figure out...haha.

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