Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Random Photos

I was doing a photo dump the other day and came across some random photos that perhaps I had meant to tweet about or blog about but had forgotten.

Back in December, I purchased a Groupon for a blowout at MyBlow LA located at the Irvine Spectrum a couple of shops down from H&M and Target. I decided to use my Groupon one Friday afternoon before heading to a party. When I got there it was super crowded and busy. The place was not all that big. There was one of those white leather circular sofa right in the middle of this small place but all the seats were already occupied. I think perhaps they had over booked or maybe that is just how they do things to be able to offer such affordable hair-styling services. I decided to wait outside because there was not really any place to stand inside. It started sprinkling a little bit at this point so I stepped back inside. Twenty minutes after my scheduled appointment, they finally take me to the hair-washing station. After that, I sat at the circular sofa some more. They offered me champagne but I just wanted to get my hair done and be out of that busy place. Ten minutes later a stylist came to take me to her work station. An hour later...this was the end result. The stylist was very nice and I thought she did a nice job with my long hair but I was very turned off by the hectic feeling of this place. They just opened not too long ago so I'm still hoping that maybe things will settle down a bit with time because this place was super convenient and pretty affordable.

This is a very yummy grilled shrimp bowl from Baja Fresh. It's even more amazing when you pour mango salsa all over it. It's pretty large so you can definitely get two meals out of it.

I HAD to take a photo of this meal because my man made it for me one night and that man does not cook. It's pork chops and it was really good!

Sometimes I get really picky about my food for no particular reason at all and on this day I wanted some sushi but I didn't want to eat too much carbs so I asked the sushi chef to make me this no-rice roll.

I think I posted this photo on twitter but it is a Japanese snack/cookie/dessert item called a Taiyaki. It is basically made in a mode using a pancake-like batter and filled with either chocolate, vanilla custard or red bean paste.

So this is one of the things I do to cross-train when I am not running. I love to spin! Almost as much as I love to run...which is a lot. The two compete for my time every week. Sometimes I spin in a group setting and sometimes on my own. I use to teach but not anymore. Sometimes I miss teaching but mostly I am just grateful that I got that opportunity to learn.

I saved the best for last. A couple of weeks ago I tried menudo for the first and last time in my life. I can understand why some people might like it but it was just not for me. I think I am pretty open- minded when it comes to food but I'm pretty sure that this is one dish that I will never eat again. That's saying a lot because there are very few things out there that I feel this way about. Adios menudo!


Pam said...

Your hair looks so purdy Madison!! :)

I know what you mean about the menudo. "R" loves it & I've tried to like it to make him happy but, I don't like the tripe. I love the broth & hominy though. Pozole is a great alternative. Similar broth, hominy. :)

I need to try the no rice sushi roll. :) I love Spin! It's such a great workout. :) xo

Glenn Jones said...

Menudo is an acquired taste. Growing up in the barrio allowed be to acquire the taste, lol.