Sunday, January 20, 2013

Shower and Awesomeness

It's a little over a month until my wedding and my sisters threw me a bridal shower this past Saturday. It was a fun day of fine dining and spa-ing. Definitely my kind of day. I love spending time with these lovely ladies!

Check out this cute dessert tray that the hotel sent over to the relaxation room for us! Massages and sweets...I can do this all day!

A big 'thank you' to my sisters for spoiling me and letting me act like a princess for the day. I finally got a chance to wear this pouf-y dress that has been sitting in my closet for a while now.

Later that evening, we made pizza for dinner. Sister K mentioned that she had made pizza the other night using some pre-made pizza dough that she found at Trader Joe's. We made a quick trip to TJ's, picked up a couple of items and an hour later...tada! This one is prosciutto and pineapple on garlic and herb crust. We should have used less of the prosciutto or regular ham because prosciutto gets salty when you cook it. We made another one that was rectangular and it was pepperoni and mushroom on a wheat crust. The pre-made dough was pretty good. My dough stretching ability was not so much.

Today was another fun day as I had a lunch date with my very awesome Ragnar van-mates sans Sandy (Becka, Julie, Shannon and Heather) and met blogger and Disney fanatic Krissy who was in town with her family for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon weekend. Becka, Heather and Krissy ran all the Disney races this month so head on over to their blogs to check out all their cute fun photos. This is definitely going in the books as one of the best weekends ever!


giraffy said...

WOW, you had the best weekend ever! Your shower looks like the cutest. I want to know what is in that lulu bag!!!

Krissy said...

Awww i was soooooo excited to finally meet you! What a fun post! Can't wait to hang out again!!!

Pam said...

so sweet of your sisters! you sure had a fun weekend. love all the cutie desserts! :) wish I could've hung out with you ladies for Pho. next time!! love your dress. :)