Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Sister's Wedding!

Hello! It's been 14 days since I last blogged, which means that it's been 14 days since anything noteworthy has occurred in my life. But enough about my lackluster social life and on to more exciting news.

My sister who blogs over at A Case of the Runs got married this past weekend! It was super fun! They had a nice Jewish ceremony followed by one of the coolest dragon dance ever. When two worlds collide! :) I will let her tell you more about it when she returns from her honeymoon.

And since this is also a food blog, I wanted to show you this very large loaf of challah bread that was served at the wedding. I love challah and this one was blessed!

Finally, I just wanted to mention that I am failing miserably with my candy ban but I blame it mostly on the end of Daylight Savings. Every year around this time I suffer from SAD (Seasonal Awareness Disorder). I know people must think this is a mental thing but for me it is more of a physical thing in which I get extremely fatigued coupled with an insatiable appetite. Last week, I basically sat around and ate...A LOT! I am slowly coming out of it this week and my activity levels have started to ramp up again. Good thing too because I have a marathon to run in a little over 2 weeks. I've put in my time training for it so whatever happens I'll be okay with it.


Elisabeth Waller-Scott said...

I get SAD too, definitely affects me physically as well. Its so frustrating. But, this year seems a bit better with training picking back up again for Wildflower. Hope the SAD passes, or eases soon.

Nobel4Lit said...

Greetings from Hawaii! Thanks for the mention, glad it was fun. :) Let's do it all again soon, heh.