Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weather With You

Popping in for my once a week update. :-D

So did you blink last week and missed the rain that passed through SoCal?

It was short lived but left a beautiful rainbow.

Now it is back to being like summer again. Kind of hard to get in the Halloween spirit when it is 90 degrees outside. It was stinkin' hot at the pumpkin patch this past weekend. Those poor wilting pumpkins and kids.

That's your weather report, now back to our regularly schedule program. All running, all the time. So over the weekend I ran the total mileage of a marathon in the course of two days. I ran 6 miles on Friday as a warm-up to a 20-miler on Saturday. You'd be surprise to know that it has been at least a year since I've ran a 20-miler. I know, right? I don't run them often enough considering that I am supposed to run a couple of them every training cycle. Anyhow, I set out not-so-early on Saturday and managed not to die. Okay, it wasn't that dramatic. It actually wasn't all that bad. Not as bad as I had anticipated.

Miles for Mokie <-- Click on that and find out why I am holding up this goofy paper.

Later that evening after my long run, I slipped into a pair of 4.5 inch heels to go to a wedding and there was dancing involved. Now that was painful!


Monika said...

Thanks for the 20 miles!! :)

Glenn Jones said...

At least you can do it. I think I'm up to, ummm, 5 miles?